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London & Paris with Avignon

Discover London & Paris with Extension to Avignon — The Perfect Ending in one of Europe's Treasured Cities
STORY Exclusive Experiences, Heart of City Hotels
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11 Day London & Paris with Provence

11 Day London & Paris with Provence

Discover London & Paris with Extension to Provence —  The Perfect Ending in one of Europe's Treasured Cities

Story Land & Sea®'s London & Paris Tour with Provence Extension is not your typical big group tour.

Dear Modern Traveler,

I invite you to join us on this delightfully hand-crafted tour to London & Paris with our special 3 night extension to Avignon in beautiful Provence. Our small-group approach to travel truly combines the very best of discovering distant lands in the company of a hand-full of travelers. I invite you to "leave the herd behind" and discover again the joys of world-class travel.

Frances Mayes once said that "...most trips have an underlying quest. We're looking for something. What? Fun, escape, adventure--but then what?"
Everyone travels for different reasons, but my question for you would be what are you looking for?

No matter what the answer to that may be, I can guarantee one thing-this trip can be life changing. To experience another culture, to open your eyes to another part of the world, to step in another's shoes, if even for a few days, it changes you, even if only a little.


London & Paris Tour with Provence Extension

Transatlantic Flight to London, England

Day 1: Trans-Atlantic flight to England

Depart Your Home Airport on your Transatlantic flight to London, England.

Day 1 is the traditional flight date from North America. Airfare is not included but you can request a quotation from our air service department: Get an airfare quote by email here.

Please Note: "Day 1" is the published tour date and is the date you will arrange your air travel to depart your home airport. 

Your Small Group Tour will commence on Itinerary Day 2 upon arrival into London, England.

Travel Protection
Story Land and Sea® recommends that you purchase a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. A Protection Plan can include coverage for Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical and Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Trip Delay, Baggage Delay and more.

For more information on available plans or to enroll, go to or contact Travelex Insurance Services at 800-228-9297 and reference location number 06-0051.


Your Adventure Begins

Day 2: London

   Story® Way Included Dining: Join your Tour Captain for our included Welcome Dinner in London, England. Experience what can only be described as a tour of the best cuisine and wine from around the "British Empire."
   Story® Exclusive: Tonight join in our reception and Welcome from the Tour Captain. Excellent experience and opportunity to meet your fellow travelers

Welcome: One of Story's most popular small-group European tour vacations commences at 3:00PM at the deluxe hotel. Our deluxe hotel lobby is where the tour begins and where our Tour Captain meets you for an included Orientation Walkabout of London.

INCLUDED HOST ORIENTATION WALKABOUT: Join your Tour Captain Host for a Welcome Orientation Walk on your arrival day in London. Find out where the major landmarks are located in relation to our hotel, the best ATM machines for Sterling Pounds and exchange rates, and other helpful information.

Walking Level: Light, Leisurely Pace; Volume: Light

Your Small Group Tour Vacation to Europe is underway! After our reception, we'll walk to our Welcome Dinner in London, where you'll taste the finest cuisine and wine varietals from "the British Empire."

Included Welcome to London Dinner: About the Story® Way: Our approach to dining is unique: We've collected our favorites dishes from the incredible restaurants we visit for each included dinner. No buffets here! Your Tour Captain is there to make sure your dining experience goes smoothly and will help you interpret any menu item. For the 3 total included dinners (Deluxe), your Tour Captain will select a variety of appetizers featuring regional cuisine and will select your wine for the evening ~ a variety of red and white wine from the region you're traveling.

Accommodation in London, 3 Nights
Deluxe: Amba Charing Cross Hotel
Classic: Hotel Strand
Budget: Budget Hotel London



Day 3: London, England

London Soldier

   Optional Dinner Tonight:  OPTIONAL DINNER IN LONDON, ANYONE?
You may opt to join your Tour Captain tonight for dinner (departs from lobby usually about 7:45pm) or opt to explore on your own throughout London.

Welcome to London, England ~ Heart of the British Empire

Start your morning sightseeing in style as your Tour Captain and our local Guide escorts you throughout London.

Historic London Panoramic Tour
The romance of this historical city of London Town is apparent every step of the way. London England on the Small Group TourOur experience in London with our official Blue Badge Guide will include views of Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Hyde Park, the Houses of Parliament, St. James Palace and Buckingham Palace. We will enjoy certain perspectives by foot with our local guide.

We will have time for lunch independently near the Tower of London.

Guided Tour: Tower of London
We enjoy a visit and admission to the Tower of London. Upon arrival to the Tower of London, the Beefeaters guide us through this special venue. A completely included experience that takes us back in time to the early 1080s. William the Conqueror began to build a massive stone tower at the center of his London fortress and nothing like it had ever been tried or seen before. Through the centuries that followed, successive monarchs added to the fortifications.

The balance of the day is yours at leisure to explore London perhaps like the locals via the Tube. There are several venues and sites located around the Tower of London that you may want to optionally visit including St. Pauls' Cathedral (free admission) or take a ride on the London Eye. The Tower Bridge is also nearby.

Maybe a Full Afternoon Tea or the now famous, Harry Potter Walking Tour. You may also consider the Royal Mews (carriage house) at Buckingham. Or consider a shopping trip to world famous Harrod's or simply stroll Hyde Park.

Return to the hotel at your leisure using your new knowledge of the London Tube (this routing is very easy!).


Panoramic Sightseeing Experience throughout London to enjoy views and commentary by our Local Guide:

  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Big Ben
  • Hyde Park
  • London Bridge
  • Houses of Parliament
  • St. James Palace
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Tower of London Tour
Walking Level: Moderate, Leisurely Pace: Volume: Moderate


Of Palaces & Abbeys

Day 4: Enjoy Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

   OPTIONAL Dinner in London, anyone? You may opt to join your Tour Captain tonight for dinner (departs from lobby) before the play or opt to explore on your own throughout London.
   Story®  Exclusive Access: Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace ~ entrance is based on seasonal openings. You will enjoy an exclusive access tour with admission of Westminster Abbey or of Buckingham Palace, the Queen's home, where she has the world's finest private art collection.

Your exciting tour of London continues with our immersion sightseeing experience this morning with a special Story Land & Sea Tours' Exclusive with special admission to either Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey (entrance is based on season: Buckingham Palace is not open year round and when closed due to season or ceremony, we will include a tour of Westminster Abbey with guided admission).

The balance of the day is yours at leisure. Perhaps enjoy the London Eye, or inquire with reservations for the Harry Potter Walking Tour. You may also consider the Royal Mews (carriage house) at Buckingham. Or consider a shopping trip to world famous Harrod's or simply stroll Hyde Park.

Perhaps you will go back to the hotel and visit the nearby British Museum.


TONIGHT: OPTIONAL PLAY IN WEST END: Inquire with Reservations.

Walking Level: Moderate, Leisurely Pace. Volume: Moderate .



Day 5: London to Paris | English Channel | "The Chunnel"

The Chunnel - Train

   Included Story Way® Dining: Tonight we dine at a delightful restaurant we're trying to keep a secret! It's fully authentic Parisian cuisine. Paris welcomes us with a variety of regional culinary tastes, beverages and ample portions of fine local wines from around the city and the provinces. Free-choice dining means you select what you'd like from the menu ~ the Tour Captain is available to help you interpret the menu. Your Tour Captain Host will provide the appetizers featuring regional cuisine and will select your wine for the evening ~ a variety of red and white wine from the region.

The Chunnel to Paris
We embark on the train via the English Channel (the Chunnel) with reserved seats in Premium Class to the city of Paris. After about 2 hours on the fast train under the English Channel we will welcome you to Paris! Make note: Magic Portage is included in your tour! This means you will pack up your suitcase in London and then it will be transported to Paris to arrive in your hotel room by 8pm local time while we are out at our Welcome Dinner. Make sure to pack a day bag with a change of clothes, a jacket in cooler weather and any pertinent medication (do not pack medicine in your suitcase that is being portaged).

City: Paris

Paris is the city of Light and Love. She holds much to discover. After we transfer from the Train Station, the Tour Captain checks you in to our hotel. We arrive Paris early afternoon, and rooms will be ready by 2PM on average.

You will join the Tour Captain for the included Paris Orientation Walkabout through the cobblestones streets to become familiar with the location around our hotel. We will visit Champs-Elysees, Trocadero and enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower.

INCLUDED HOST ORIENTATION WALKABOUT: Join your Tour Captain Host for a Welcome Orientation Walk on your arrival day in Paris. Find out where the major landmarks are located, ATM machines and other helpful sites.

Walking Level: Light, Leisurely Pace: Volume: Light

INCLUDED DINNER: Enjoy Story Way® Dining in Paris tonight. featuring regional culinary tastes, beverages, and ample portions of fine local French wine, of course.

Deluxe Accommodation:  Hotel Sofitel Paris La Faubourg, Regina Hotel, Hotel St. James Albany, Hotel Belami, Hotel Eduard VII, or similar
Classic Accommodation: Hotel Louvré Saint-Anne or similiar



Day 6: Discovering Paris ~ The Louvré, Notre Dame & Eiffel Tower

Paris, France
   Optional Dinner Tonight: Join the Tour Captain or explore Paris at leisure.
  Exclusive: Enjoy special access admission to the famous Eiffel Tower with Story to at least the second level. Note: This entrance may occur on Day 7 of the itinerary.

Today join your Tour Captain and our local guide on a guided tour of the city of Paris. The Musée du Louvre along with the icons of Paris greet us today with our noble French guide leading the way. It's an immersion into the authentic Paris.

The architectural wonders are many in Paris with a visit to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, views of the Louvre, the Seine River and the list goes on as we walk and explore the city of lights and love.


~ Notre Dame Cathedral
~ Walk through Jardin de Tuileries
~ Admission and tour of Louvré
~ Option: Musee d'Orsay

Walking Level: Moderate, Leisurely Pace; Volume: Moderate to Ample



Day 7: The Palace of Versailles

   Story® Way Dining: Enjoy a farewell to Paris included dinner tonight with your Tour Captain.
  Exclusive Access: Enjoy our special access with Skip-the-Line included admission to the Palace of Versailles.

King Louis XIV's opulent 17th century palace, Chateau de Versailles, welcomes us for an in depth tour. We enjoy the marble, gold and formal gardens.

The balance of the day is at leisure. Consider an optional excursion on the Seine River Cruise. Inquire with Reservations.

Walking Level: Light to Moderate, Leisurely Pace, Volume: Moderate

Story Way® Exclusive: Join your Tour Captain for what can only be described as a delightful farewell experience in Paris. Our venue of choice is one of Mark Story's favorites, Le Grand Colbert.



Day 8: Provence via the High-Speed TGV Train

The Chunnel - Train

   Included Dining: Tonight enjoy a special included welcome dinner.
   Exclusives: Learn the Chef's secrets in our 'hands-on' cooking and dining experience.

City: Avignon
Region: Provence

Avignon is the Préfecture or Capital of the Vaucluse département in Provence

This morning we board the high-speed TGV Train bound for Provence. The journey on board the TGV has us arriving in Avignon mid-day.

Upon arrival to Provence, we'll check in, store bags, freshen up and have time for lunch (at own expense).

Our experience in Avignon begins with a walking tour through its heart on the way to the Palace of the Popes or Palais des Papes. Our local expert guide will provide commentary as we tour the historical palace that was home to the Popes during the 14th century. The Palais des Papes is one of the most important medieval Gothic buildings in all of Europe. Our guide will describe the fascinating story of its life here in the heart of Avignon.

Following the tour of the palace, your Tour Captain will continue your walking orientation of Avignon back to our hotel. The balance of the day is at leisure to explore or relax before tonight's welcome dinner.


St. Benezet Bridge
"On the Bridge at Avignon..."

Sur le Pont d'Avignon ~ The construction and location of the medieval St. Bénezet Bridge was inspired by a shepherd's religious vision. Explore Avignon and discover all that she has to offer.


Story Way®  Dining: Enjoy a welcome dinner in the heart of Avignon tonight with your Tour Captain.

Accommodation in the Heart of Avignon, 3 Nights
Deluxe Hotels include Hotel d'Europe, Hotel La Mirande.


"unspeakably imposing, and nothing could well be more Roman."
—  Novelist Henry James, 1884

Day 9: Day at Leisure


An amazing day in Provence

Inquire for optional excursions.

Les Beaux-de-Provence

Day 10: Treasure of France: Wine, Chocolate & Popes

City: Les Beaux de Provence
Region: Provence-Alpes-Cõte d'Azur

The Story today is all about this quaint village in Provence.

The village of Les Beaux de Provence is the epitome of spectacular scenery. Located south of Avignon on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the Alpilles mountain range, the village boasts a spectacular view of the valley. The ruin of a castle makes up much of the village, and with a population of around 400 the village is filled with more picturesque ruins of houses. The castle ruins provide a great opportunity to see the enormous siege engine demonstrations including a trebuchet.

We return to Avignon in the afternoon for time at your leisure.

STORY Way Dining®: Tonight enjoy our special and included farewell to Avignon dinner.


Departure Day

Day 11: Check Out or Extend Your Adventure

   Included Dining: Story® Dining Hot Breakfast

Catch flights for the USA from Marseilles or Nice airport. Until we meet again, may your days be full of discovery and your nights full of good friends. Or are you extending to the Enchanted Amalfi Coast? Or some other exotic destination ...inquire with reservations for details.


DEPARTURE TRANSFER $69 PER PERSON, minimum two passengers.


Heart of City Hotels mean your experience is like none other in the travel industry.

There is a difference between centrally-located hotels and Story's Heart of City hotels. No taxis or shuttles required when you're in the historical heart of the cities and villages.

Our small group tour hotels feature historical architecture with all the amenities you'd come to expect. The properties are located in the heart of the cities, towns and villages. We proudly feature the following tour hotels which have been personally inspected for quality and standard. On very rare occasion, we may substitute any hotel for a tour property of equal or greater quality and standard.

Remember, availability in tour hotels may be affected based on seasonal demand. Alternate hotel properties of equal quality will be used when the following hotels are not available.


London Hotels - 3 Nights

Paris Hotel - 3 Nights

Avignon Hotels - 3 Nights

London &Paris Tour with Provence

It's a world-class tour with most inclusions in the company of a few new friends...

What's Included in London, Paris & Avignon Small Group Tour Package?

  • Breakfast - Full, hot breakfasts included daily.
  • Lunch - Our Tour Captains and Guides will offer great, affordable suggestions for delicious lunches everyday.
  • 4 exceptionally delicious dinners with no set menus and premium beverages are included: We want you to have some time to explore on your own if you want.sss
  • Arrival Transfer on Day 2 of the Itinerary: $64 per person. 
  • Departure Transfers in Avignon: $69 per persons

Story's Unique Walking Tour Experience
We do walk on our small group tours. We walk a lot, but it's unhurried and there are ample opportunities to sit and relax. But you must be physically capable of walking and experiencing the many stairs of Europe. Please inquire with Story Reservations for more details.


London, Paris & Provence Tour

8 Day London, Paris & Provence

2 STYLES OF HOTEL IN LONDON & PARIS Choose from STORY's Deluxe or Classic Budget Hotels -- Both feature Heart of City locations.
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