Small Group Tours by STORY

Story Land & Sea®


1st: Simply Dream About Where You Want To Go
You'll find this part very easy as you think about traveling with your group to Italy, France or perhaps, Australia.

2nd: Contact Story Land & Sea®
Our Global Tour Specialist will meet with you by telephone or in person (if you're local in Denver), and craft the perfect itinerary for you and your group. We'll build the trip so your air and your land is covered (or you can have your group share in some of the savings). Don't worry - we'll explain it all!

3rd: Get Your Group Together
We'll help you reach your friends and family by providing great marketing materials like your group's very own web page that will allow them to see the itinerary online, ask questions and even book the trip.

That's All!
Now you're on your way and you can continue to have your group travel each year or as often as you like.
There's nothing like seeing the world in the company of a small group of like-minded travelers.