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STORY Land & Sea® is a world-class, boutique True Small Group Tour operator based in Denver, Colorado.

Our passion is to introduce our guests to new and exciting destinations around the world while immersing them in local culture, cuisine, history, art and experience — a passion that remains with us in everything we do and in every Story we create. We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance these exciting experiences for our guests and one of those ways is you! Bring your individual talents here and discover for yourself why a career with STORY® is the adventure you've been looking for!

—  Mark Story, Chief Executive Officer



Full time position - 40 hours/week.

Summary of the Position

The STORY Sales Specialist represents the Travel Brands of STORY Land & Sea® (STORY®, SAVVY Adventures, Wild Blue Tours, etc.) and is a dedicated individual who effectively handles inbound and outbound sales and customer support and service calls. The STORY Sales Specialist is dedicated to continuously providing above-the-call-of-duty service to all clients (called Guests) and travel industry professionals (travel agents, advisors, designers and vendors) by employing techniques learned in sales and service professional training and development in order to generate and close sales opportunities. Responsible for assisting Guests and travel agents with customer service and fulfillment issues.  

Responsibilities of the Position: Sales

  • Manage and engage with in/outbound sales calls and online live chats in a positive and friendly, service-driven manner;
  • Possess knowledge of the STORY family of brands and its products ensuring successful sales (positioning and effective sales processes);
  • Communicate all details of the STORY family of brands and products accurately to leads and subsequent booked guests (including pricing, optional excursions and extensions, payment requirements, policies for cancellation and on-tour policies);
  • Support daily sales (telephone sales conversations with leads, proposal development) and customer service activity (including follow up, modifying arrangements, speaking with booked guests);
  • Learn, develop and use sales techniques that result in successful sales;
  • Support day-to-day and long-term operations and other key activities in relation to Land Operations-Europe, Land Operations-World , Sales Management, and Marketing/Brand Development;
  • Supports and participates in business development efforts by various Lead Team Members while maintaining focus on the company’s strategic goals and projects;
  • Supports and evaluates programs and provides feedback to various Lead Team Members;
  • Report and discuss activity schedule plans with COO and CEO;
  • Attend necessary workshops, events and training seminars.
  • Communicate status reports weekly to Team Lead in preparation of weekly sales and weekly staff meetings (provide sales reports to Team Lead in advance);
  • Consistently meet or exceed expected performance goals communicated by management;
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as required.
Skills and Knowledge 

  • Demonstrated competencies in a MAC-based environment possessing a working knowledge of Google® products: Docs, Sheets, Sites, etc.
  • Excellent oral and written business communication skills.
Education and Experience 

  • Minimum 2 years related sales experience preferred.
  • Some college-level experience preferred.



Part or Full Time/Seasonal Deployment

Summary of the Position

The Story Land & Sea® Tour Captain performs the basic functions of a tour manager or director, as this role is commonly referred to in the tour operator industry at large. The Tour Captain is responsible for conducting small group tours for Story Land & Sea® clients called guests. This involves some additional planning and organization that complements the overall planning set up by the company Operations department. The Operations team is tasked with making sure the travel runs smoothly from venue to venue without any issues. The Story Land & Sea® Tour Captain is a professional who is required to confirm hotel and restaurant reservations, show and tour times, and deal with venue managers, transport providers, ticket agents, etc. They also manage the schedule of the travel group and manage its finances within company guidelines and budget. On a day to day basis, the Tour Captain is tasked with contacting each venue to ensure that technical and hospitality requirements are met and they seek to resolve any problems that can be foreseen. In addition, the Tour Captain verifies guest names, contact details, addresses, and arrival times at in-country airports, prior to hotel check-in, etc.   

QUALIFICATIONS: Hard Working, Organized and Charismatic Personality

Generally speaking, there are no specific academic requirements for this position. However, a high school diploma or college degree is preferred. A bachelor’s degree in management, business administration, tourism or a related field is a definite plus. In lieu of education, at least five or more years of experience in the hotel or travel industry is highly desirable. Any equivalent combination of education and experience can be suitable for an applicant’s background. Story Land & Sea® also prefers candidates who have completed a course in tour management and who possess the credential of Certified International Tour Manager, CITM, or similar accreditation (again, this is not essentially required). 

REQUIREMENTS: Tour Captains will perform many of the following tasks:

  • Verifying venue reservations (hotels, restaurants, shows, museums, experiences, etc.)
  • Setting up arrangements for special events, baggage handling, transport services, etc.
  • Orienting and Instructing travelers
  • Planning in-field implementation of itineraries (smooth transitions, etc.)
  • Accommodating guest needs, in-field requests or needs such as last minute queries about unique experiences, dealing with substandard hotel issues, extensions, etc.
  • Selling future Story Land & Sea® adventures to your guests by using your charm, personality, knowledge and skill (okay, we don’t literally mean you sell Story tours, but in a sense you do!)

Skills needed to be a successful Tour Captain include:

  • Being flexible and adaptable without appearing surprised or “shaken;”
  • Possessing an extreme high-attention to detail 
  • Having strong negotiation skills
  • Being creative
  • Utilizing good communication skills
  • Ability to solve problems without appearing flustered
  • Having good IT skills (Google Drive, Excel, Internet, Wifi, etc.)
  • Being punctual (really being early!)
  • Possessing good public relation skills
  • Being physically fit for walking, luggage handling, etc. 
  • Possessing the Story Land & Sea® Way vision and attitude

EXPECTATIONS: While on tour, the Story Land & Sea® Tour Captain is expected to perform expertly with a range of day-to-day workload activities, including the following:

  • Overseeing guest airport arrivals and departures (eg., In Venice, you will meet guests upon arrival)
  • Overseeing hotel arrivals and departures
  • Overseeing travel arrangements, such as boat, bus, and train transfers
  • Managing the tour budget in order to keep expenses under budget 
  • Overseeing venue arrival, while double-checking hospitality and technical requirements
  • Verifying guest reservations with hotel and other venue staff
  • Participating in company promotion activities, such as regular on-tour postings to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Supervising setup operations as needed, such as special toasts, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Working with any support staff, such as local city guides, bus drivers, etc.
  • Ensuring that venues are ready to open on time and capable of accommodating our clients
  • Liaising with transport owners and staff regarding the next day’s travel (always looking ahead — air traffic control attitude)
  • Ensuring all scheduled events occur on time and the ability to adapt when needed
  • Settling fees with restaurants, hotels, and other venues as needed
  • Ensuring all guest luggage is packed and loaded onto tour transport in a timely manner
  • Reviewing and preparing schedules for the next day
  • Ensuring travelers’ departure from tour is seamless (where they go next, whether they know how they get there)
  • Reporting travel issues, guest needs, and budget figures to management
  • Troubleshooting unforeseen issues and emergencies that may occur unexpectedly
  • Participating in annual training at the home office once yearly
  • Performing the role of a Tour Captain by being “in character” at all times, projecting a fun and pleasant demeanor and entertaining guests in a professional and meaningful way that will leave lasting memories


The Story Land & Sea® Tour Captain is a consummate professional who is the front-line representative of Story Land & Sea®. As such, this means that the values of Story Land & Sea® Worldwide Tours are expressed not only in the way they act, but also in the way they live. This means they do the right thing at all times to ensure a world-class travel experience for our clientele (even when nobody's looking). 

The Story Land & Sea® Tour Captain reports to the Executive Director. While on tour, the Tour Captain will liaise with company management representatives for any needs or questions. The Tour Captain will escalate any issue that needs additional response (such as questions about travel arrangements, scheduling, etc.

The Tour Captain serves as the in-country host and tour director for the esteemed guests of Story Land & Sea®, and manages all field operations for the assigned tours. The Tour Captain performs other duties and tasks as deemed necessary by management and the leadership team.  

Story Land & Sea® Tour Captain staff are expected to thoroughly research our destinations and to possess the ability to advise our clientele on how to dress for sightseeing or dining out, where to go to find that unique dining venue, and even how to say local words and phrases correctly. They not only represent Story Land & Sea®, but also the best elements of the local culture and cuisine. They should know other tours we offer in detail. 

All Story Land & Sea® Tour Captains should understand that flexibility is key to this job. Therefore, tentative tour dates that are assigned during the season may change at any time. Story Land & Sea® cannot guarantee a certain number of tour assignments or length of travel per season. Story Land & Sea® can cancel or change assigned tours at any time. 

Story Land & Sea® Tour Captains are expected to be professionals at all times, who truly represent the best of what Story Land & Sea® holds to be its paramount mission: providing world-class travel and tour experiences exceeded by none.  



  • Thursday, Aug 13, 2020 6:00pm to late
  • Friday, Aug 14, 2020 7:30am to 1:00pm

HOW TO APPLY: Submit your resume along with a short, :30 video introduction of yourself by email. Please type "2020 TC Season" in email subject line.

How to Submit Your Video
Video MUST be privately uploaded to Vimeo and a link ((and a PASSWORD must be provided to us)) to it provided in your email. Do not mention STORY branding in the title of your video.

Should you be invited to audition, we will provide you our logistics information.

Submit above information to Apply @ StoryLandSea . com (no spaces). Story Land & Sea® will contact you should we be interested in speaking with you.

We thank you for your interest. Remember: Please do not call the office, or email staff as this will result in your disqualification. Certified International Tour Manager certification preferred but not required for interview/audition - may be required for employment.


We call our customers, “guests,” and that means our approach to them ensures a continual attention to detail and delivery.

—  Sherry Moore, Chief Operating Officer

Life is for service.

—  Fred Rogers

STORY Land & Sea® is a small group tour company based in Denver, Colorado. We have operated tours since 1993.

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