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STORY Long Stays

STORY's long-stay concept debuts with a fresh twist to an old idea.

Imagine boarding your flight to Paris. 

After checking-in, you make your way to your Business Class seat where you’re greeted with a glass of Prosecco, and then you settle in for your flight across the Atlantic. After being pampered on your flight, you arrive refreshed and ready to begin a new STORY Adventure. 

Beautiful Beginnings: Arriving and Adjusting
Upon arrival at Paris airport, you are met by your STORY Chauffeur who will then whisk you to your new home (at least for the next 2 to 4 to 12 weeks or more if you like). Your arrival is made even more comfortable when you are met by our host, one of our American STORY Tour Captains, who will meet you for a special reception and orientation of your ‘new home’ and many adventures that are planned for you. Then, of course, meet later that night for a fabulous Welcome to Your STORY Long Stay Adventure dinner. 

The pampering is not over at dinner! On your first full day in Paris your STORY Tour Captain will be onhand to ensure you’re set for the day: Prefer to sleep in? Want to meet for an afternoon coffee to talk about plans? Or are you the type that is ready to get out and explore either with a Guided Adventure or on your own? Whichever, our Beautiful Beginnings experience builds a fantastic foundation for your Long Stay Adventure. 

Your Host: The STORY Tour Captain
A STORY Tour Captain (sometimes more than one) will be onhand during your stay should you have questions, and sometimes will lead your local adventures along with our Expert Guides. And there is always a STORY Tour Captain dedicated on stand-by while you're on your Long Stay.

About your STORY Long Stay Accommodation 
Each location with our Long Stay Adventures boast a variety of accommodation types — from 5-Star Hotels to fully-equipped apartments and homes (yes, there is even an iron, full-kitchen, completely equipped with linens, towels, just about everything you would have at your own home). And the properties are located near public transportation hubs and in very secure locations.

A month sounds great, but what if we can only do two to three weeks?
Not a problem! We cater each Long Stay Adventure to our STORY Guest's preferences.

I'm a Solo Adventurer –  will I be all alone in a foreign city?
Only if you want to be left alone! Our STORY Tour Captains' accommodations are nearby so you can enjoy the best of both: your privacy and independence contrasted organized days and activities. You can fill up your day's with special adventures and experiences, or you can plan each day as you go. Unless otherwise arranged by STORY Guests, we

Can my friend(s) come and stay with me/us for a week or so?
Absolutely. Just coordinate with STORY and we'll make sure everything is ready.

Can I book tours, adventures and trips locally or do I have to call or click in to STORY Headquarters?
Web access with STORY is preferred, however, if it's a short turnaround (within 1 to 2 days) you can also just tell your STORY Tour Captain and they will do their best to also assist you.

Consider our Winter Long Stays
Many of us enjoy a snowy day, but then we're ready for some nice warm sunshine —  perhaps the Land Down Under has always intriquged you —  well you've come to the right place to consider our Long Stays adventures to Australia, New Zealand and other warm "winter" climates. Even down under, you will enjoy our STORY Adventure Leaders (locals who now work with STORY and whom we've known for decades) who provide a world-class long stay experience.


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